The Lusitania - For Better Hallway Vision EP


The Lusitania's For Better Hallway Vision EP was recorded over several months in 2012 at Clap of Thunder studios in El Paso, TX. These songs mark a new chapter, both lyrically and stylistically, in the band’s evolving sound. A sonic departure from 2010’s sprawling acoustically driven release Rain and Rivers, this EP is the first recording to feature, now permanent member, Will Daugherty on lead guitar. The influence of Daugherty’s guitar work and a conscious effort to return to their punk driven roots creates a grittier classic rock n’ roll sound for this collection of songs. The record’s subject matter also takes a more confessional tone, as songwriter Mike Duncan trades narrative tales of weary soldiers and heart worn cowboys, for more personally revealing anthems of wasted teenage dreams and desperate all night drives.

1. Lucinda
2. Turn for Turn
3. Of Neon Lights and Nothingness
4. For Better Hallway Vision